Make sure your product is reliable, maintainable, and well tested. We'll scale your product while you focus on building value for your customers.


Software is never complete. Our AppCare service is an annual maintenance contract for your existing web or mobile application to ensure you continuously have the support you need long after the initial version of your application has been built.


Continuous Maintenance & Support

Get the peace of mind of always having someone on-hand that understands your system and can fix issues as and when they arise.

Feature Development

Use the hours you purchase in any way you please for new feature development, minor changes, or refactoring.

Long-Term Strategy

Get experienced technical advice and strategy. It's like having your own part-time CTO.



Three Packages to Choose From:
Basic ($1300 / month)
Up to 12 hours per month.
Standard ($2250 / month)
Up to 30 hours per month.
Extended ($4300 / month)
Up to 60 hours per month.

Prices are based on annual contracts. For a more info or help picking the best package for your needs, please get in touch and tell us more about your project.