Make sure your product is reliable, maintainable, and well tested. We'll scale your product while you focus on building value for your customers.

Automated Testing & CI

Got bugs? Our expert team will run through your app and build up your test suite so you can rest knowing your users are getting the best experience possible. We'll also help you setup a continuous integration platform so you can always know the status of your app.


A Fully Passing Test Suite

We will run through your application and write automated tests for all of your user-critical functionality while your team focuses on continual improvement of your product.

Build Server

Automatically run the tests each time one of your developers or freelancers pushes code, then get notified if anything was broken with the latest changes. This provides peace of mind and enables faster deployment without worrying about unknown bugs.

Automatic Deployments

Once your automated tests pass, we'll set you up with automatic deployment hooks to get the latest codebase on your sandbox or production environments, then notify you on your Slack channel.

Automated Testing & CI


6 - 8 Weeks
Starting at: $3000

Prices depend on the size and scope of your project. For a more accurate price & timeline estimate, please get in touch and tell us more about your project idea.