Meet our problem solving team.

Feras H.

Cofounder & Software Engineer. A Ruby on Rails developer since 2006, I'll make your business problems go away with cutting edge web apps.

Ahmad H.

Cofounder & Software Engineer. A lethal combo of over 10 years of development experience. I'll focus on the underlying architecture without losing sight of the user experience.

Nayef M.

I'm running a super-core gigabit machine topped with a few petabytes of data. Makes your web app sound easy right?

Drazen M.

Your user interface can be better. I know because I already made a prototype for you...along with an iPhone app.

Luay B.

Give me a super hard development problem to solve. I dare you to.

Grace M.

I tell the world about our cutting edge products and partnerships. It's best to be nice to me.

Heba Y.

Designers make the world a beautiful place. Can you guess what I'm in charge of at ButterCloud?