We build software that builds your business.

We're a technology consultancy that specializes in helping startups, non-profits, and small businesses leverage the internet for high-impact growth.

Building great software is like painting a masterpiece.

At Buttercloud, we believe the right software architecture, process, & vision puts your business miles ahead of the competition. 

That's why we're focused on building web & mobile apps that are great down to the smallest detail.


We're a small team, by design, that believes in excellence with every requirement, line of code, and architectural component.​


Wireboarding - our take on story mapping 

Complex system


Architecture & Technology Foundation 

Product Analytics

& Reporting

Software design and execution




Our take on story mapping 

All software starts with an idea. We'll break down your customer journey into bite-sized user stories & visual wireframes that are easy to understand.


Architecture & Technology Foundation 

The right software architecture in your business can be the difference between success or failure. We'll help you set up a long-lasting foundation that grows with your business.


Software design and execution

​Our team consists of full-stack developers & designers that can turn your vision into a real-world web or mobile application.


Complex system

Get your internal & external systems to functionally work together.




Launch high-leverage, high-growth digital marketing campaigns that are powered by technology.

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Product Analytics & Reporting

Understand exactly how visitors are interacting with your website or product. Bring all of your analytics into unified dashboards for different stakeholders so your team can make better, data-driven decisions.



We've built volunteer management systems, ERP systems, SaaS applications, and online ordering experiences that are used by tens of thousands of visitors every day.

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Connecting online merchants & customers on an all-in-one platform that powers their online presence, marketing, & loyalty.


Our Technology

Buttercloud is one of the oldest Ruby on Rails shops based out of the Middle East (est. 2008). Our web applications have been used by tens of millions of visitors across the world.