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Making healthy eating more accessible

Buttercloud helped a local restaurant based out of Jordan, OJ’s, shift to a digital-first strategy and growth plan, resulting in market category dominance.

How it all began.

OJ’s was founded as a casual, fast casual healthy chain based out of the middle east with prepared salads made right in front of customers. Their mission has been to inspire healthy living by giving developing communities access to healthy, local, independently sourced ingredients.
We partnered with OJ’s to develop a digital-first strategy that emphasizes delivery, online ordering, and customer loyalty.
Starting with online ordering, buttercloud was one of the early pioneers in the region of an online strategy that did not rely on third party delivery services.
A digital strategy was developed to engage with a healthy audience online - with Instagram as a primary growth channel.
To address retention, we worked to develop a custom loyalty program that brings store guests back after their first visit. This helped re-enforce healthy habits with customers that were frequently rewarded as their visits & online orders increased.

The Result:

A digital-first, scalable technology strategy with built-in growth mechanisms led to complete market dominance across different verticals of healthy eating. The brand observed customer lifetime value metrics that are extremely difficult to achieve for a brand in their category - and preserved precious margins that are now close to impossible to achieve with third party delivery aggregators.

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