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We’re a technology consultancy that helps startups build their apps, technology organizations & digital products.

App Development

Enhance your startup with Buttercloud's custom app development. We specialize in scalable applications and Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) tailored to your vision. Our service includes concept-to-launch support, merging advanced technology with user-centric design for standout digital products.

Virtual CTO

Our Virtual CTO service offers the strategic expertise of a Chief Technology Officer tailored to your specific needs. This service is ideal for emerging companies seeking top-tier tech guidance without the commitment of a full-time CTO. We provide leadership in technology strategy, team building, and digital transformation, ensuring your business stays ahead in the rapidly evolving tech world.


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Why Work with Us?

Since 2012, we've nurtured successful partnerships. It's not just business for us; it's a partnership where we grow together. We're all about getting to know you and your goals, making sure we both thrive.

Scalability & Growth

Our solutions grow with you, ensuring they meet your evolving needs and support your business's progress.

Transparent Process

Enjoy a partnership where clarity and teamwork are key, ensuring a smooth and unified journey to success.

Expert Team

Benefit from our team’s diverse tech expertise, guaranteeing top-tier solutions and knowledgeable guidance for your projects.

Cutting Edge Technologies

Adopt the future with advanced tech tools and methodologies, keeping your projects at the forefront of innovation.

Tech Strategies

Get tech strategies tailored to your business goals, having a unique and effective approach to your tech challenges.


Base your decisions on reliable data. Our insights help shape strategies that are informed, effective, and results-oriented.

Ruby on Rails
React Native
Ruby on Rails
React Native

“Feras and the Buttercloud staff act as part of my company's team in finding technology solutions and solving problems. We have enjoyed a wonderful partnership and look forward to the future”

Florence May
President TRS - The Registration System

“Feras and the Buttercloud staff act as part of my company's team in finding technology solutions and solving problems. We have enjoyed a wonderful partnership and look forward to the future”

Florence May
President TRS - The Registration System

What we Offer

Strategic Product Planning

Outlining a strategic plan aligning product goals, features, and timelines, providing a comprehensive guide to align everyone in your company.

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Architect Your APIs

Designing a structured and scalable API architecture, & optimizing communication between various systems, enhancing overall system flexibility and operability.

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UX/UI Design

Creating an intuitive and user friendly interface, focusing on optimizing user experience and visual appeal to enhance the usability and overall satisfaction of the digital product.

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Product Wireframing

Creating visual blueprints or skeletal outlines of a product's user interface, facilitating early-stage design, go to market discussions, and a foundation for tech teams.

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MVP Development

Rapidly building and deploying the minimum set of features necessary to demonstrate your app’s core value, facilitating quick feedback and iterative improvements.

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Tech Team Guidance

Overseeing the workflow, fostering collaboration, and providing necessary support and resources to optimize productivity and ensure your tech team succeeds.

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Outsource Your DevOps

Delegating infrastructure management, automation, and continuous integration tasks to us, allowing your team to focus on core business activities.

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Tech Budgeting

Strategic allocation of financial resources to various tech initiatives, ensuring optimal investment in hardware, software, & personnel to achieve organizational goals.

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AI Enable Your Software

Incorporating advanced algorithms and machine learning capabilities to enhance functionality, and deliver more intelligent apps & systems.

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Technical Architecture

High-level design and structure of your systems, encompassing key components, relationships, and technologies to guide the implementation of software solutions.

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Build A Remote Team

Strategically assembling a group of skilled professionals, leveraging tools and technologies to foster effective teamwork and achieve company goals.

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Deployment Flexibility

Encapsulating app with its dependencies into lightweight containers, streamlining deployment, scalability, and ensuring consistent performance across diverse environments

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App Development

Ideal for startups and businesses looking to create custom, user-centric apps

Micro (small apps)


Regular (medium apps that include native)


Large (complex large apps that include payments & native support)


Fractional CTO

For growing companies needing expert tech guidance.

Small Teams (up to 3 team members)

$3k / mo

Medium Teams (up to 8 team members)

$8k / mo

Large Teams (up to 20 team members)

$15k / mo

Sharing Knowledge

5 Practical Lessons for Any Startup

Here are five nuggets of wisdom that have proven to be especially valuable and lasting based on our experience building our team.

How to Build a Referral Program to Encourage Word of Mouth Marketing

Referral programs are more influential than other marketing efforts, due to the fact that people trust their friends, family, and colleagues more.

Email Marketing Analytics: Essential Metrics That Measure Success!

With Email marketing, constant iteration and testing is crucial in order to know what is working; which CTA are they responding to, and which subject lines are getting better results.


Common Questions

Why choose Buttercloud for app development ?

At Buttercloud, we bring a unique blend of technical expertise, creative innovation, and client-focused collaboration to every app development project. Our team is committed to delivering high-quality, tailored solutions that align with your business objectives. We prioritize transparency, communication, and a collaborative approach to ensure your vision is transformed into a successful and impactful application.

Why choose Buttercloud for MVP development?

At Buttercloud, we've been doing MVP development & crafting standout apps since 2012, for giants like Disney and startups that hit $100M valuations. Our team knows how to scale tech teams from the ground up and we dive deep into partnership with founders. It's more than app development; it's about turning visions into success stories with deep technical knowledge & expertise.

What is the difference between a virtual CTO, Fractional CTO and CTO as a service?

  • Virtual CTO: A dedicated technical executive who works remotely to guide and oversee your technology strategy.
  • Fractional CTO: Provides part-time CTO services, allowing you to benefit from high-level technical expertise without the full-time commitment.
  • CTO as a Service: Offers on-demand access to CTO-level guidance and expertise, allowing flexibility and scalability tailored to your specific needs.

What kind of support can we expect from Buttercloud's Virtual CTO service?

Our Virtual CTO service provides comprehensive technical leadership, strategic guidance, and assistance in decision-making. We offer ongoing support, technology reviews, and ensure that your technology strategy evolves with your business needs. The level of involvement can be customized to suit your specific requirements.