Containerize Your Applications

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Containerize Easily

Our mission is simple, to help your application run on different clouds and different machines without excessive setup times.

We’ve worked with Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, and other libraries & services to ensure you can run your application on AWS, GCP, Azure, or even your own dedicated on-promise hardware.

Your Fractional CTO will evaluate whether or not containerization should be a priority, then work with your existing devops team, or bring in a devops engineer from our network of experts to assist in containerizing your applications.

Run & Deploy Anywhere

Containerization enables you to quickly bring new developers onboard by allowing them to get setup quickly. It also makes moving between clouds seamless.

Recently gotten ahold of some AWS credits but are hosted on Google’s Cloud? No problem, we’ll make sure your application is containerized and can run on different clouds in days, not months.

Scale Instantly

No matter how complex your application, we’ll set up the right container infrastructure that scales automatically as your traffic increases - helping you handle more visitors without breaking the bank. For more information on scaling, read more on the outsource devops page.

“Buttercloud gave us the confidence we needed to be able to focus on running our business and never have to worry about our technology department. At first we thought, should we do it? Then we took the plunge with the fractional CTO service and now we’re never looking back.”

Kelly P.

Business Owner

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Our customers annual growth rate.


Revenue generated by our community of partners.
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