AI-Enabled Software Solutions

Creating visual blueprints or skeletal outlines of a product's user interface, facilitating early-stage design, go to market discussions, and a foundation for tech teams.
Elevate Your Software With Ai-Powered Features

Whether you're a SaaS platform looking to revolutionize user experiences or a business seeking to optimize operations. Our team is equipped to bring AI's transformative potential to your business. We understand that innovation comes in various forms, which is why our AI service helps you integrate tools like OpenAI’s ChatGPT to help build chat-based interfaces in your applications.

Improving Existing Tools or Building From the Ground Up

For those with established systems, we provide a seamless pathway to introduce AI capabilities like embeddings, fine tuning, and chat-based UIs to help you stay ahead of the curve. If you're building a new system, we're here to guide you from concept to implementation, ensuring that AI integration is woven into the core of your product or service.

Build From the Ground Up

We help you envision entirely new systems built from the ground up with AI-based functionality built-in. With AI at the heart of your solution, we bring a wealth of experience to the table, transforming your idea into a functional, forward-facing reality.

“Buttercloud gave us the confidence we needed to be able to focus on running our business and never have to worry about our technology department. At first we thought, should we do it? Then we took the plunge with the fractional CTO service and now we’re never looking back.”

Kelly P.

Business Owner

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Our customers annual growth rate.


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