Manage Your Technology Team

Creating an intuitive and user friendly interface, focusing on optimizing user experience and visual appeal to enhance the usability and overall satisfaction of the digital product.
Good Process, Great Management

Gain expert leadership that optimizes your existing team of frontend and backend developers. We go beyond consultancy and seamlessly integrate with your team, harnessing their potential and creating a culture of continuous learning.

With a deep understanding of the dynamics between software, product, and business, our Fractional CTO service empowers your developers to perform, resulting accelerated project timelines and growth.

Retain & Challenge Your Developers

We go beyond day-to-day management by focusing on retaining and nurturing your developer talent. In our experience,  developers thrive when they are engaged, challenged, and empowered.

Our experts work closely with your team to identify growth opportunities, align projects with individual strengths, and cultivate a culture of accountability.

The goal is that your developers stay motivated, committed, and excited to contribute their best to your projects.

  • Build a culture of learning & development
  • Engage and motivate members of your existing team
  • Set up processes that encourage promote code quality & accountability

“Buttercloud gave us the confidence we needed to be able to focus on running our business and never have to worry about our technology department. At first we thought, should we do it? Then we took the plunge with the fractional CTO service and now we’re never looking back.”

Kelly P.

Business Owner

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Our customers annual growth rate.


Revenue generated by our community of partners.
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