Technology Budgeting

Rapidly building and deploying the minimum set of features necessary to demonstrate your app’s core value, facilitating quick feedback and iterative improvements.
Accurate, Time-Tested Budgeting

Our tech budgets begin once we understand what your idea & product is. For MVPs, we are able to predict exactly the team you need to build, and how long it takes to get your production-ready app out the door. Budgeting is more of an art - so we usually give you the option of how fast you want to move. Whether you choose to go as fast as possible, or slow and steady -  we’ll help you build a team & budget that fits within your roadmap and helps your business grow.

Tech Budgets That Fit Your Startup’s Stage

You could be completely bootstrapped, or Series C funded - we’ll help you create a budget that fits in with your goals. That includes your team cost, server infrastructure cost, supporting service cost, and more. We’ve created hundreds of startup budgets and know exactly what to expect, so that you don’t run into any surprises.

Product & Tech Oriented Budgets

We’re not building large-scale, complex financial models. We’re helping you understand what your product & tech needs are, then turning that into a realistic budget that you can share with investors, CFO, and team.

“Buttercloud gave us the confidence we needed to be able to focus on running our business and never have to worry about our technology department. At first we thought, should we do it? Then we took the plunge with the fractional CTO service and now we’re never looking back.”

Kelly P.

Business Owner

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Our customers annual growth rate.


Revenue generated by our community of partners.
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