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At Buttercloud, we empower startups and SMEs by transforming innovative ideas into exceptional technology solutions. Our mission is to lay a robust tech foundation and foster self-reliance, ensuring long-term success. With expert fractional CTO services and bespoke app development, we're not just service providers; we're your partners in technological excellence.


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We’ve been in business for 11+ years building scalable tech solutions.


Our systems have processed upwards of $25m in online transactions.


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It started with a bang

At Buttercloud, our journey embarked in 2012 with a clear mission: to empower startups and small businesses to dream big and thrive in the digital landscape. What sets us apart is our passion in turning visions into reality through expertly crafted software.

With a global team embracing remote work, collaboration and a common mission drive us forward.

From partnering with industry giants like Disney Sports to orchestrating events like the DNC/RNC conventions, and powering volunteer registration for multiple Superbowl events, our experience is extensive. Our commitment extends to startups and businesses of all sizes, scaling our expertise to meet diverse needs.

...now we’re here

We're 16 dedicated professionals from across the globe. We help funded startups and visionary founders, driving relevant innovation in today's dynamic market. Join us at Buttercloud for excellence, flexibility, and meaningful partnerships.

Our History

In 2012,

Buttercloud set out on its journey, specializing in the development of high-quality web and mobile applications. Driven by a deep commitment to technology and innovation, we rapidly expanded our capabilities, evolving to create advanced software solutions that have a global reach. We equip our clients with cutting-edge tools and insights, enabling them to realize their full growth potential and navigate the digital landscape with confidence.

Our Journey

has been marked by collaborations with industry leaders, including projects with Disney Sports, the Special Olympics, and various world-class events. We've played a pivotal role in major events like the DNC/RNC conventions and the Super Bowl. Our innovative applications have made waves across industries, transforming financial systems and optimizing processes managing over $25 million. A highlight includes our work with Staack, a groundbreaking FinTech player in banking, and a lasting 12+ year relationship with TRS, enhancing event management services across the USA, Canada, and Australia.

At Buttercloud,

our strength lies in our rapidly growing global team of 16 dedicated professionals. Hailing from various corners of the world, each team member brings a unique set of skills and perspectives to the table. This diversity is the cornerstone of our ability to innovate and adapt in the dynamic tech industry. Together, we continue to push the boundaries of technology.

Why Choose Us?

Innovation at the Core

Innovation isn't just a word for us; it's the heartbeat of Buttercloud. We constantly explore new technologies and approaches, our commitment to staying ahead of the curve drives us to redefine industry standards and deliver exceptional value.

Transparency and Trust

Honesty and openness form the foundation of our client relationships. We maintain transparency in all our processes, fostering trust and ensuring reliability in our long-term collaborations.

Collaborative Creativity

We encourage a culture of collaborative thinking, where ideas are shared freely and innovation is a collective effort. This approach leads to richer, more out-of-the-box solutions.

Dedicated to Sustainability

Adopt the forefront of innovations and strategies, guided by our progressive outlook, to ensure your initiatives remain at the forefront of technological advancements and contemporary tool implementation.

Empathy in Action

Understanding and addressing the unique needs of our clients is paramount. We foster a culture where empathy guides our interactions, leading to more personalized and effective solutions.

Empowering Community Involvement

At Buttercloud, we're committed to giving back and being active in our communities. We encourage and support initiatives that make a positive impact, believing that our success is linked to the wellbeing of the communities we serve.

Small Team, Massive Impact

Small Team, Massive Impact

Our Guiding Principles

1. Global Flexibility

As a worldwide remote company, we thrive on flexibility. This principle isn't just about where we work; it's about adapting to change & embracing diverse perspectives.

2. Good For People

Our company's foundation is built on fostering a positive, supportive, and empowering environment for both our team and clients.

3. Continuous Learning

Learning is a journey that never ends. We prioritize the continuous sharpening of skills,  where our team remains at the forefront of industry advancements.

4. Partnerships That Last

Our commitment to forging lasting partnerships with our clients ensures that we're invested in their growth and ongoing success.

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