Technical & Product Roadmap

High-level design and structure of your systems, encompassing key components, relationships, and technologies to guide the implementation of software solutions.
A Tech Roadmap to Help You Grow

Creating a comprehensive technical roadmap is a strategic process that outlines the planned development and evolution of a product, project, or technology. One of the first steps of our Fractional CTO service is to create a technical roadmap that serves as a guide to align teams, stakeholders, and resources towards a common vision.

This includes key milestones, goals, and timelines, allowing for informed decision-making and efficient resource allocation. We help empower your organization to navigate complex landscapes, and understand how your technology should adapt long-term.

Made-From-Scratch Roadmaps

Our team will work closely with your team to craft a technical roadmap that prioritizes your business’ growth. Think of this like a blueprint for your  team that aligns your technology department and business goals - to help you achieve long-lasting, worry-free growth.

“Buttercloud gave us the confidence we needed to be able to focus on running our business and never have to worry about our technology department. At first we thought, should we do it? Then we took the plunge with the fractional CTO service and now we’re never looking back.”

Kelly P.

Business Owner

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Our customers annual growth rate.


Revenue generated by our community of partners.
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