Gaelle Kurdian

UI/UX Designer
It started with a Computer Science degree...

As a computer science graduate, my path to UI/UX design unfolded unexpectedly, capturing my heart and igniting my career. My academic education established a strong foundation, but it wasn't until I took an intense online course that I completely immersed myself in the field of design. The complexities of creating seamless user experiences captivated me, driving me to perfect every aspect of this field. we’re here

Passion drives my design aesthetics as well as my commitment to the user experience. I get a lot of satisfaction from creating visually beautiful interfaces while stressing over intuitive functionality. However, it is my empathy for users that defines me. I immerse myself in their perspective to make sure that every design choice has a strong impact on them.

Joining this company as a fresh graduate takes me on an exciting journey. I'm thrilled to contribute my skills and creativity to the team's mission of excellence. I believe that by collaborating with talented individuals, we can push the boundaries of design and create user experiences that are not only visually appealing but also highly functional. With my passion for user-centric design and the team's expertise, I am confident that we can make a significant impact.

Gaelle Kurdian
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