Supporting the Special Olympics With Electronic Signature Technology & Volunteer Recruitment

The Problem

The Special Olympics USA Games 2022 was an event that attracted approximately 20,000 volunteers - one of the largest volunteer events to run nation-wide.

These volunteers were subject to specific waivers & legal requirements. One of the more complex requirements was to build a mobile-friendly Docusign-style digital signature that’s embedded within a volunteer registration process, while giving volunteer managers the ability to report on wet signature waiver completion.

The Solution

We helped develop digital signatures as a core feature directly embedded into the volunteer registration process. The solution enabled volunteers to digitally sign a waiver based on certain requirements within their volunteer process.

This resulted in efficient management of volunteers and the adoption of a digital transformation that helped them save time, avoid paper waste, and mailing delays.

  • Digital online signatures via web & mobile
  • No paper waste & fast volunteer vetting processes
  • Supported tens of thousands of volunteers & waivers
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