Staack Revolutionizes Cannabis Industry With Blockchain Banking

“The team at Buttercloud have been extra fast in helping me get to MVP. Not only did they take the time to understand my business - they are helping me develop complex software and looking out for the long-term technical vision.”
Brian Henderson
Director of Sales

The Problem

Presently, the utilization of duffle bags for cannabis banking operations is revealing its obsolescence.  Cannabis businesses are grappling with a pressing need for modern, dependable, and transparent financial services that ensure stability and security. The existing methods of transporting cash falls short of fulfilling these requirements, underscoring the critical gap that needs immediate attention and innovative solutions.

The Solution

Staack emerges as the solution to this pressing challenge. By offering cannabis businesses access to cutting-edge, stable, and transparent financial services, they bridge the gap between outdated practices and the industry's needs.

The platform not only ensures the security of transactions but also elevates financial operations to a state-of-the-art level, providing financial services in an easy-to-use interface from seed-to-sale.

Staack provides a digital experience for:

  • Secure cash pick-up from licensed cannabis operators
  • Financial services and automated FinCEN reporting
  • P2P Payments between licensees
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