The SynGAP Research Fund Has a Mission to Cure a Rare Disease, SynGAP, With a New Modern Online Presence

The Problem

SynGap Syndrome is a rare genetic disorder that can lead to neurological issues in  patients. SYNGAP1 variants are common across populations, with an incidence reported as 1-4 of 10,000 individuals.

There is no cure or specific treatment for SYNGAP1 yet, but research is happening around the world. The mission of The SynGAP Research fund is to support the research and development of treatments, therapies and support systems for SynGAP1 patients worldwide.

The Solution

We partnered with The SynGAP Research Fund (SRF) to build their online presence and help drive awareness and accelerate the science towards finding a cure for SYNGAP1 Syndrome.

The SynGAP research fund produces a large amount of content, webinars, and patient stories. One of the primary goals was to help bring this content out so that parents, researchers, and visitors can easily discover the content. This includes making it simple for SRF visitors to easily find, search, and subscribe to content updates on the website.

We also focused on helping select a platform that empowers the SRF team to publish their own content easily & efficiently.

Throughout the process, we provided SRF the tools needed to publish on a multi-lingual interface to help bring more worldwide access to their content. We also helped streamline the donation process to further their mission of raising awareness and curing SynGAP.

  • Multi-lingual content creation
  • A streamlined web presence & content platform
  • Support for video & rich content
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