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Enabling worldwide access to citizenship services.

Buttercloud helped a family founded firm build the first virtual office in the industry - helping reach thousands of potential new visitors.

How it all began:

The COVID-19 pandemic arguably shrunk the world. Bluemina’s mission is to provide individuals with second passports - helping enable the freedom to travel and global citizenship.
Video has been a disruptor of traditional content marketing. Bluemina noticed the trend - and partnered with Buttercloud to create the first virtual office of its kind in the industry.

The virtual office is an interactive, multi-lingual, video-based survey that helps visitors access Bluemina’s citizenship services.

The Result:

• By leveraging automatic encoding, streaming, and device-based automatic video rendering - enabled by Amazon AWS. Bluemina’s virtual office can handle hundreds of thousands of concurrent visitors.

• The virtual office treats mobile visitors as first-class citizens. By progressively scaling down videos on slower 3G connections, the software ensures equal access to visitors worldwide.

• The system integrates both English and Arabic videos, and supports multi-lingual access that enables visitors worldwide to access citizenship services.

• We take client privacy seriously, which is why we’ve left out important implementation details related to this project.

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