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How a medical device manufacturer transformed its software infrastructure.

We worked with a global manufacturer of clear aligners for over 9 years to architect, deploy, and maintain a software strategy that enables business growth.

How it all began

A clear aligner startup, with a mission to disrupt how traditional orthodontics are done - approached Buttercloud with a challenge. How does a medical device manufacturer leverage technology to build, manage, and optimize their internal workflows between their doctors, patients, and clinical treatment labs?

The answer was an internal system designed to manage all aspects of their day to day exchange of cases, clinical data, and 3D visualization tools that ultimately are designed to improve outcomes for dental patients.

The Result

Throughout the 9 year period, the system has expanded into a micro-service architecture that has helped EON grow into a global manufacturer with multiple facilities - helping the company grow into one of the largest manufacturers of clear aligners in the Middle East & North Africa region.

We take client privacy seriously, which is why we’ve left out important implementation details related to how the actual software is built.

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