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Keeping younger students safe & engaged on the web

A platform that enables teachers to share visual resources with students used by thousands of teachers, and over 5.5 million yearly visitors.

How it all began:

The question was, how do you keep younger students safe & engaged online in the 21st century?
We built Tizmos in 2012 with one goal - helping teachers organize and share visual resources with younger students - primarily K through 5.
Tizmos enables teachers to build start pages that visually display other resources on the web. That includes images, website links, and videos. Ultimately, teachers are able to design lesson plans around a specific topic using visual resources that keep students engaged for the full lesson.

The Result

Tizmos receives over 5.5 million visitors every year. It’s users range from small private schools, to large school districts in the US and Australia.

Tens of thousands of teachers use Tizmos daily to collect, share, and discover online resources that contribute to a better online-enabled educational experience.

As a system, Tizmos has processed hundreds of thousands of image and video resources across 5 continents.

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