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TRS simplifies, consolidates, and organizes large & small events

Working with Buttercloud, TRS embarked on an ambitious effort to build event management software targeting both small, local events, and large national ones, resulting in millions of registrants.

The Story - How it all Began

The event industry is complex. Recruiting volunteers for different events has different requirements. In some events, volunteers may participate in actual events - others may have strict processes on how volunteers flow throughout an event.

TRS enables volunteer managers to manage, recruit, and engage with volunteers.

Buttercloud partnered with TRS to build a flexible system that supports event registration for everything from small meetups to large sporting events. Clients of TRS include national sporting events, national conventions, and local town meetups.

TRS enables events to accept individual or group registrations, run automatic background checks, handle access-coded activities, and accept online payments to various payment gateways seamlessly.

The Result

TRS has processed millions of volunteer registrations across thousands of events. The system has processed over $12M in online payment card transactions on behalf of clients, and over $3M of checks & purchase orders.

TRS integrates with over 8+ other systems, and enables seamless functionality like SMS, emails, and automated background checks with just a few clicks.

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