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Client Stories

Social enterprises

The smallest things can make a big impact.

Betterflye is on a mission to help individuals, organizations, and communities make a difference and track their social impact.


Advanced Manufacturing

How a medical device manufacturer transformed its software infrastructure.

We worked with a global manufacturer of clear aligners for over 9 years to architect, deploy, and maintain a software strategy that enables business growth.



Making healthy eating more accessible

Buttercloud helped a local restaurant based out of Jordan, OJ’s, shift to a digital-first strategy and growth plan, resulting in market category dominance.



TRS simplifies, consolidates, and organizes large & small events

Working with Buttercloud, TRS embarked on an ambitious effort to build event management software targeting both small, local events, and large national ones, resulting in millions of registrants.

TRS - Core


Keeping younger students safe & engaged on the web

A platform that enables teachers to share visual resources with students used by thousands of teachers, and over 5.5 million yearly visitors.


Saas & ecommerce

Contactless loyalty for a post-pandemic world.

We built and deployed a platform that enables contactless loyalty experiences between retailers and customers, helping adapt to the new era of retail.

Upzaar Loyalty

Investment & citizenship services

Enabling worldwide access to citizenship services.

Buttercloud helped a family founded firm build the first virtual office in the industry - helping reach thousands of potential new visitors.



Tapping into serverless technologies to enable scalable software integrations.

Hooky utilizes AWS Lambda and serverless technologies to deliver millions of webhooks - helping connect applications and save on integration costs.



The SynGAP Research fund is committed to accelerate the science to cure SynGAP.

A transformed online presence helped the non-profit track, grow, and engage with their audience.



Supporting the Special Olympics with Electronic Signature Technology

Our technology helps large-scale events manage digital waivers that are fully integrated with a volunteer registration process.

TRS E-Signature

Saas & ecommerce

Upzaar is on a mission to empower local, independent retailers.

A custom-built growth platform that enables brands to sell online, drive loyalty, and build better relationships with their customers.

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