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Tapping into serverless technologies to enable scalable software integrations.

Hooky utilizes AWS Lambda and serverless technologies to deliver millions of webhooks - helping connect applications and save on integration costs.

At a glance:

•A re-imagination of how web and mobile applications are integrated allows continuous scaling via AWS lambda, with a NoOps model of reliable webhook delivery.
•We developed Hooky from scratch to allow vendors to send webhooks without having to provision or manage servers with zero administration, saving hundreds of hours in integration costs and development hours.

How it all began.

•we found ourselves doing a large amount of system integrations, where independent systems need to notify each other of updates.
•Most projects end up re-using this structure
•The issue comes in when scale is involved.
•Sending large amounts of webhooks leads to issues with delivery, retries, and systems on the receiving end not being able to handle a large amount of updates.

Through hooky, we’re able to introduce integrations to any application with just a few lines of code.

The Result

The result for application developers is significant time savings and cost reduction, while ensuring reliability and scalability - but most importantly letting software teams focus on creating business value vs worrying about infrastructure.

We take client privacy seriously, which is why we’ve left out important implementation details related to how Hooky is built.

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