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Upzaar is on a mission to empower local, independent retailers.

A custom-built growth platform that enables brands to sell online, drive loyalty, and build better relationships with their customers.

How it all began:

Restaurants and local retailers have suffered during the COVID-19 global pandemic. Lockdowns and a major shift delivery has caused one of the largest closures of restaurants and retail in modern times.
Restaurants that have not adapted to selling online are at major risk of not generating enough business to sustain operations. To top it all off, third party delivery aggregators are approaching restaurants and charging 25%+ commissions on each order.
This is where Upzaar comes in. Upzaar’s mission was to disrupt the status quo, and empower restaurants and independent retailers to sell online, build a loyal customer-base, and engage with their audience - all without commissions or expensive marketing teams.
A combination of an online e-commerce platform, combined with a 100% white-labeled loyalty program, and cross-platform order management native app gives retailers the tools they need to succeed. Launching a full online presence with an ordering-enabled site can be done in as little as a day.

The Result

Upzaar has processed thousands of online orders, and given local brands a way to compete with large, established corporate fast food brands & delivery aggregators.
Local, independent, even family owned retailers can now launch their own online presence and loyalty program - without having to source expensive development or marketing teams.

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