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Contactless loyalty for a post-pandemic world.

We built and deployed a platform that enables contactless loyalty experiences between retailers and customers, helping adapt to the new era of retail.

How it all began:

Customer acquisition in retail can be a huge challenge. Bringing new customers in can be expensive, time consuming, and difficult in highly competitive acquisition channels. Smart businesses focus on retention and driving repeat purchases.
That’s where loyalty comes in. We built and deployed a platform that enables retailers to offer a fully branded loyalty solution focused on driving repeat purchases.
Customers can access a vendor’s loyalty program using their mobile device via a cross-platform progressive web application - without having to install an app.
Once a customer scans a QR code while physically present, they’re able to browse custom rewards, collect points, and interact with the vendor’s promotions all via their own phones.
For vendors, transforming the way they interact with their customers requires no extra hardware, and minimal staff training.

The Result

The result is tens of thousands of customer records that allow vendors to easily target their existing customer-base with promotions, a reduction in marketing costs, and an increase in customer lifetime value for loyalty members.

We take client privacy seriously, which is why we’ve left out important implementation details related to how Upzaar is built.

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